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How to remove the "default" group in farm properties (security/groups)?

John Meier1709161208


Hi all,


i just recently installed the first provisioning server.

On the "farm administrator group"-Step i choose "Domain-Users", because there where no other groups to choose from (just two other - random? - groups, i'm not a member of).



(Figure 1: Example)


I thought i can change this group (or delete it) in the provisioning console, but i can't. The remove button is grayed out. Adding new groups in the group/security-tab is possible, i can also delete them.


Is there any trick  to getting rid of the group?



(Figure 2: grayed out "Remove" button)


I'm grateful for every idea.


Greetings from Germany




MS Windows Server 2019

Citrix Provisioning Console - Version:

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I might be a bit late to the party, but had the same problem.

Turned out you need to be local admin to remove the group you defined during installation.

I could add and remove any other group, but not the very first one, bc I was just RDP user with access to the PVS farm.

After adding my account to the local admin I was able to remove this group as well.


Hope this helps any future readers


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