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FSlogix Office 365 Containers and Citrix Outlook Roaming - effecting login times...

Campbell Kay


Hi Guys,


Been spending alot of time on these features. As we have been having major issues with Citrix Outlook roaming and Windows search crashing all the time,


My login times have been around 60 - 140seconds with Citrix outlook roaming enabled, when i disable this they dropped down to 28 seconds, and its consistent, that it a massive drop.


i believe this be because the Citrix feature it crashing the search indexer, which had a roll on effect to everything else.


so i went and investigated using FSlogix office 365 containers, when i enable the search roaming feature, then found the login time jumped up again 35ish seconds. this is completely fine, just curious to see understand why does it really take 7 seconds to mount that container 


is this normal? is this what everyone else is seeing in there environments?


we will definitely not be going back to Citrix Outlook roaming.



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i just posted a somewhat related question but to add to this,  if you're in a situation like ours where we need to persist not only profile data but also some in program files/program data, etc (tricky apps).......is there a way to use full user layer like we are but also use a 2nd solution for Outlook ost handling (ie. fslogix profile container, CPM, etc) or would that complicate things too much?

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Hey Andrew,


I was hoping someone else would answer who had tried them together.


FSLogix works fine with elastic layering as long as you change the altitude of the FSLogix filter driver.  I think that will mean that is would also work if you were using the user layer but we certainly have never tested that.  Note that in 1910 we now persist all the search indexes when using the User layer which as you know was a big issue in the past.  This should make us on par with FSLogix for outlook and as you say better for customers that need to save whats outside the profile.


I know that people have had issues with all the containerized solutions like user layers, fslogix and CPM with disconnects and some corruption unfortunately that seems normal just like we have always had with any type of roaming profiles.


If it were me I would try to stick with one solution but you certainly could do a test of both together.



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