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Appearance & Resolution in StoreFront 3.15

Pearson VUE ATS

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We have a configuration of Netscaler MPX9700, version NS11.1.57.11nc pointing to a StoreFront 3.15 system.  The backend is currently XenApp 6.5 and in the process of building a new farm of 7.15.


So our users have been testing the URL's that point to the Netscaler/Storefront to XenApp 6.5 system.  All the complaints I have is around appearance.


I have done some things to shrink the icons and try to minimize the wordiness on the page as well as try to wrap (Though some application names still are not wrapping).  However; this is not enough.


Users miss the ability to put their applications in a List View.


Another complain is around Resolution.  From the users, "On the old version, we could choose the size we launched the application in, for example 800x600 or 70% of the screen."  I don't see anywhere in the portal to do so.  This used to be located (image #2) within the settings tab of the Web Interface.


Any other customization I can do would be appreciated to make the users happy, and greatly appreciated.  


Thanks in advance.  


*I've also attached a sample of the appearance set right now.



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