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XML service - trust relationship issues

Kari Ruissalo


We have a Citrix StoreFront setup with multiple Citrix Sites configured (XA6.5 & VAD 7.x). The problem is that a new domain was added to the trusted domains list (together with two-way AD trust relationships) and these users are unable to log in to the StoreFront if we have a couple of sites configured which Controllers cannot connect to the new domain (networking / NAT challenges...).


On the Citrix StoreFront events I'm seeing the following:

The Citrix servers reported an unspecified error from the XML Service at address http://xadc01.ad.company.com/scripts/wpnbr.dll [NFuseProtocol.TRequestAppData].

... and on the xadc01.ad.company.com, I'm seeing Event 2100

The Citrix Broker Service failed to validate a user's credentials on an XML service. 
Verify the trust relationships between your domains.


... if I remove these sites from the SF config, I'm able to logon with the new domain user, but that's not an option as the users from other domains need to access the resources in these sites.


I know it would be one option to add another store completely for the users from this new domain that is causing the issues, but I was just thinking if there's a way to skip these sites in case of error and allow the user to log in? Now they're just getting an error on the SF logon page "Your logon has expired. Please log on again to continue." and after selecting "Log on" they are just given a logon dialog to login again, but it doesn't work.


We're running StoreFront 7.15 LTSR CU3 (3.12.3000)

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