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VDA 1906.2 silent install requires logon to complete

Tommy Moslashller




We have automated VDA install/upgrades with silent install commands. We are currently running VDA 7.15 CU4, which have been deployed completely silent without any errors. Our "engine" is a scheduled task that spawns a PowerShell script at system startup and then invoke the update. And again, with 7.15 no problem at all.


Now we want to upgrade to the latest 1906.2 VDA. When we invoke the upgrade we can see in the install-log that a lot get's installed. Then the server automatically reboots, but when it comes back up, the installer do not proceed before I log in with my own admin user. The scheduled task is running with a service user, so the upgrade is not invoked/started by my admin user to begin with.

After I login (and I don't start anything) the installer completes by itself and reboots again, and then the upgrade is succesfully complete.


I have tried running through the log and install all prerequisites, .NET 4.7.1 and so on, but no matter what I do, the installer do not proceed before a login is initiated.
And this is a functioning 7.15 server, not a fresh install.


Parameters used for install:

/controllers "xxx"
/components VDA
/logpath "C:\Temp"
/exclude "Citrix Telemetry Service","Machine Identity Service","Personal vDisk","AppDisks VDA Plug-in","Citrix User Profile Manager","Citrix User Profile Manager WMI Plugin","Citrix Personalization for App-V - VDA","Citrix Files for Windows","Citrix Files for Outlook"


Hope someone can help!

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Finally I got the right combination thanks to this post:

When I added /NORESUME the installer could then figure out to actually resume (ironic) after the reboot. The automated task on the server launched XenDesktopVdaSetup.exe with the same paramteres again after the reboot and it was able to succesfully continue completely unattended.

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