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Rewriting a specific DNS response

Kari Ruissalo

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We're running ADC 12.1-52.15 and would need to rewrite or make sure that one DNS record is queried from the internal DNS when VPN connection is running.


The case is that we have a record "abc.company.com" that should resolve the following way:

  1. DNS query from internet /wo VPN -> public record - works
  2. Internal DNS query  -> internal record - works
  3. DNS query /w VPN -> internal record - not working


If we set the session policy / profile - > Client Experience / Split DNS setting for BOTH, we're seeing the public record. If we change this setting for REMOTE, we're getting the internal record, but are running in to other issues as not all the public records for our DNS domain "company.com" can be found from the internal DNS.


I know we can keep adding these entries to the internal DNS, but we would rather resolve this issue using the ADC.


I don't think using DNS View will resolve our issue, if the DNS policy cannot be targetted for a specific query "abc.company.com"?


I tried to create the following:

add rewrite action rw_act_abc.company.com replace_dns_answer_section "DNS.NEW_RRSET_A(\"\",3600)"
add rewrite policy rw_act_abc.company.com "DNS.RES.QUESTION.DOMAIN.EQ(\"abc.company.com\")" rw_act_abc.company.com


... and finally bound it globally (on response), but the policy doesn't seem to get hit.


What am I missing?

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