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7-15 CU4 upgrade Test errors

Matthew Riddler




I just started the process of upgrading our delivery controllers to CU4 (currently on CU2).

All of the backend servers have been updated already, storefront, licencing, vda's.

WHen running the tests to install CU4 on the delivery controllers I get a few warnings & one failure.

All of the messages are relating to storefront. But storefront is not installed on the delivery controllers, they are on their own servers.

The failure is Broker_PeersConnectivity, each Delivery controller: this service instance failed to connect to http://deliverycontroller/citrix/storefrontcontract/storefrontapi/v1 of service sf.

The other warnings are as follows: storefront_ValidateStoredCsServiceInstances, StorefrontRegisteredWithConfigurationService & Storefront_CheckBootstrapState.

I have ran the powershell script repair-xaxd-service-resgistrations.ps1, it found no issues.


As Storefront is not installed on these servers is it safe to continue with the upgrade. I do not have any errors when launching studio.




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So it looks as though the installer will be installing upgrading Storefront, it says 'included in upgrade'.

Storefront has never been installed on this server, as I built a pair of dedicated storefront servers.

I have installed storefront from the 7-15 cu2 iso & then removed it to see if it disappears from the installer, it doesnt.

Confused as to why it believes storefront is installed

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You need to upgrade your Storefront servers first and then controllers since they are on seperate servers. There is a sequence of upgrading the components. You please refer this Citrix article: https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/xenapp-and-xendesktop/7-15-ltsr/upgrade-migrate/upgrade.html . This article explains step by step on how to upgrade your whole deployment and in which sequence, the components need to be upgraded.


Hope this helps




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All of the components (licencing, Storefront & VDA's) had been upgraded before this was attempted.

On the Storefront server I upgraded the application just by running the storefront.exe on it's own, not through selecting the component on the global installer.


This was still showing as having CU2 version of storefront installed, even though the active version was cu4 version.


I uninstalled the standalone version of SF off the storefront servers & reinstalled using the cu4 installer.

This has made no difference (not sure how it would, as it knows nothing about the storefront servers), the preupgrade checks still show that it cannot find the storefront service on the delivery controllers, but it has never been installed on there.



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