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Google Chrome 76 not do the download the .ica Files

infra producao


Hi everyone, 



Have any of you noticed problems downloading .ica after upgrading chrome to version 76? I have several computers (Windows 7 and 10, Receivers or workspaceapp) that the user clicking on the application on the storefront is not downloaded and thus does not run. Using Internet explorer or Edge I have no problems. Downgrading to chrome version 75 also works again.

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Hi guys, thx for the replies. 


This issue isn't happening to all users. My Users use Chrome by default, around 60% or 70% of users with the same problem when opening any app thought Storefront (3.12.300.54). Doesn't happen with all users, I'm a user with chrome version 76.0.3809.100 that everything works perfectly . The fact is that all of mine who are experiencing this issue are using the last version of chrome. than if I downgrade to version 75 (The version before the last) everything works again and if using any other browser also works.


@vikash I'm already reported an issue to the chrome team but no answer so far.

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