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Unable to Provision Desktops in Existing Catalog

Chris Tagtmeier




I am trying to provision VDI's (# does not matter) in one of our catalogs (static machines per user) and it fails to create them with errors regarding the NIC being Disallowed.  When I run the resources test on the Resources/Hosting the Catalog uses, it passes all test.  When I run the Machine Catalog test, everything passes (including the Hypervisor Network test) except 1 test which gives:


Provisioning scheme 'DELIVERY CATALOG IN QUESTION' cannot contact the associated Hypervisor. The attempt resulted in error 'Snapshot not found'.
Reconfigure the host to indicate a valid Hypervisor Connection.


When testing the Resources, like I noted, it is able to connect to the Hypervisor without issue.  Citrix Support Documentation says to change the Network Connection on the Hosting, but I don't see any issues here and it passes these test.


Citrix Version - 7.15 LTSR U1 7.15.1000.150

Citrix VDA Agent on Master Image -

VMWare vSphere Version - Build 9451637


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While this doesn't reference the XD version you are running, it couldn't hurt to check out and see if it's applicable to your situation.  I realize you are saying that it passes all of the checks, 


https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX139460 - How to Change Network Interface Detail in Existing Host Connection with XenDesktop


Check this discussion out as well, which references the same Citrix Support article:  https://discussions.citrix.com/topic/391577-error-id-xdds919d761e-a-nic-device-is-tied-to-a-disallowed-network/

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I had taken a look at this prior to posting.  This hosting resource is serving up multiple VDI's in our environment without issue (just when provisioning), so can't easily just change the Networking on it (which is also working fine for all VDI's using that Connection/Resource as it is currently).

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Is the error being shown while adding a new machine to an existing catalog or while creating a new machine catalog? 

And, how many snapshots are there already under the same master image. It is recommended to have maximum 4-5 snapshots under one master image. If there are more than 5, please try deleting some. 


I am not sure if changing the Network details will work because changing Network details will only be effective for new Machine Catalogs that are created afterwards. Existing Machine Catalogs in the environment that make use of the modified hosting connection will no longer be able to connect to the hosting environment. The error message below will be generated when creating new machines on existing Machine Catalogs.

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