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File Explorer Taskbar Link Causes (Not Responding) on 7.15.cu3

Zack Baker




Currently there is an issue with a user that causes the taskbar link of file explorer to not respond for 30 seconds to 60 seconds before it will begin to be usable. When accessing file explorer in other locations such as a folder on the desktop or through the start menu the delay does not appear to be present. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Any assistance troubleshooting would be appreciated. 


We've tried the following to troubleshoot but it hasn't resolved the problem:


The user has had their profile reset.

They were not previously on an older image and transferred, they have always been on this image (Windows 10). 

The issue is hard to replicate across different computers. On his computer and on Citrix the explorer is slow to open, on other computers it is inconsistent. 

Their Workspace application is version

Workspace has also been reset to defaults.

The file explorer link in the taskbar has been removed and then replaced but the delay and issue represents itself immediately following.


I've attached a screenshot below of what it will look like opening. 




2019-07-24 09_48_43-PDQ Inventory 17 Enterprise Mode - Client (Server indypdq2) - Copy (2).jpg

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