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How to troubleshoot long delay in launching citrix virtualapp apps?


We have Citrix VirtualApp 7.15.

The internal URL takes user to the netscaler VIP.
There is only on DC configured to authenticate users and 1 RSA  server.

We are having issue where  apps open after 5 min or 10 minutes after clinking on them . Sometime if the users are logged off due to idle timeout , on next launch it takes time or it will not even launch. 
Storefront server is not logging any errors.
User profile store is accessible.
If I login to the application servers through rdp then they seem to be fine.

How can I troubleshoot this issue?

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First thing you should troubleshoot is: Does it also happen when Netscaler gateway is not in the equation ? Like for instance when you do the same thing from the internal network directly logging on to the Storefront portal ? Start dissecting the equation by eliminating piece by piece until you can pinpoint exactly where the source of the problem is.


That's how to troubleshoot such an issue best imho.

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