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XenApp 7.15 CU4 - User shadowing from helpdesk not logged to Citrix Studio log and HighLevelOperationStart

Andreas Schott



we have created different roles, what a helpdesk member can do. One role can only shadow a user, the other can also terminate processes etc... (see screenshots - sorry only german language)

When a user with the weak role shadows a session, the action is not logged to [ConfigLoggingSchema].[HighLevelOperationStart] and can't see in the Citrix Studio log. If we give this users more rights the shadowing is logged!


This is a huge problem for our high level control.


Does anyone experience such a problem?


Logging of shadowing with this custom role is working:


Logging of shadowing with this custom role is not working:




Best regards,

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I got the same results with CU4. I edited the title.
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we opened a ticket with this problem.

Citrix replied and said, that the actions with the weak role with only read rights on delivery groups are not logged. I think this is a problem, because he can shadow a user and we need to log this action.

As a workaround Citrix mentioned to give the manage right "Perform session management of machines on the Delivery group membership", but the user can no logoff other sessions. We choosed a weak right, for example "Edit application tags". The user can't change it via Director and the logging is working now. 


It is only a workaround, but i think Citrix should log the shadowing right when the user has only read rights on delivery groups.


Best regards,


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