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I'm new to Citrix Endpoint management and i requested a trial to Citrix to do some testing. 


I used only the local user (not integrated with AD), i created local group and assign my users to that local group. I create delivery group and enroll my Android/iOS device using the user credentials that i made and the enrollment was successful. 


My problem is when i create policies to my devices, it doesn't push the policy from my Endpoint management to my devices. When i click the policies it should be installed right? But it says [0 Installed | 0 Pending | 0 Failed] even if i created the policy and deployment option is "now". Also when i refresh policy to my end devices, it says "Refresh request failed". Do you guys have any suggestion? 


Thank you.


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On 8/9/2019 at 3:54 PM, Chris Tyson1709156276 said:

Have you assigned your user group to the delivery group?




You can also check that a policy has been assigned via Manage - Devices - select device - Edit - Assigned Policies





Yes i already assigned the user group to the delivery group that i created. But the problem still the same. I have policies that are assigned to that delivery group and the policies doesn't exists on the device's assigned policies.


Just to confirm, once i created policies and assign it to the delivery group, the policies should take effect on the users on the delivery group right?


Thank you.

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15 hours ago, Chris Tyson1709156276 said:


That's correct, the Delivery Group summary page should show the user group(s) assigned along with the polices assigned.

Does your user show up with the correct group membership listed under Manage - Users ?




Yes i already did that. The policy takes effect and already push to the devices. Thanks.


By the way when i refresh policy on my device it says "Refresh request failed"? Do you encounter this error?

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