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Local hard disks are not recognized / IntelliCache

Danny Haase


Hello, everybody,


and excuse my bumpy English. ;-)


I use a hypervisor with local hard disks, 2x 300GB (10k) RAID1 and 3x1TB (SSD) RAID5. XenServer 7.1CU2


The operating system (XenServer 7.1CU2) runs on the small disks. The SSDs were added later to use them as caches.


Here are my questions:

  1. The additional memory is not recognized in the XenCenter. Is there a command to make the memory visible?
  2. can I use the additional hard disk space for IntelliCache without restarting the XenServer?
  3. If I renew the server, can i influence where caching takes place?


Thanks for the help and I will use this forum often.



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Intellicache uses a local ext type Storage Repository (or SR) so the SSDs would need to be in an SR. You can do this from the XenServer commandline


First, you need to identify the disk devices

fdisk -l

will report this and then you can create an SR (the sizes of the disks should allow you to work out which ones are the SSDs.

xe sr-create type=ext name-label="Local SSDs" device-config:device=<comma separated list of devices in the form of /dev/sdc,/etc/sdd etc from the fdisk command>

you then need to make this the cache SR for the host

xe host-enable-local-storage-caching sr-uuid=<UUID from the SR create command>

There is no need to reboot the host afterwards.


Intellicache won't automatically get used by anything other than Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops when creating new machine catalogs.

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