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xendesktop - 2.5 minutes from entering credentials to getting windows login screen

Udi Moshe



i am using xendesktop 7.6 with hp t420 thinpro 5.2 and it takes me about 30 seconds from entering credentials on the thin client's citrix receiver till getting the desktop.

using the same infrastructure, i have a hp t530 thinpro 6.2 base image configured the same way, connecting to the same VDA, that takes 3 minutes from credentials to VDI's login screen.

i have noticed that it takes about 3 seconds for the receiver to pass ddc, storefront, netscaler  and 2.5 minutes to get the windows login screen while displaying "citrix receiver: getting desktop...".

what do i have to check ?

do i have to upgrade the VDA ? if so, won't it effect the older thinclient's receiver ?


i have to mention that after auto login i get the desktop the same speed i get it with the old thin client.



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First of all , I would like to inform you that Xendesktop 7.6  is End of Life  (EOL) since 30th June 2018.

1)Could you test with a FAT client and see if the same issue is occurring there as well.

2)Also, could you confirm, if you are using Citrix User profile management?

3)Also, if the issue is from 1 particular thin client then it could be an issue with receiver embedded in the Thin OS. Could you check with the thin client vendor to see if it needs a firmware upgrade.






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I think that this could be an issue on your image or something with the configuration of the profiles.

Leaning more towards the profile issues though...


I would do some testing with local profiles and depending on how that worked you could move to testing with standard Windows profiles.

This would help assess if it is a profile loading issue.

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thank you for your answers.

1. i can't test it with FAT Client.

2. i don't think i use profile management. i have a policy in the DDC, is this considered profile management.

3. it's not a particular thin client. every thin client from version t530 gives the same result. as i said, i have looked into the change log of the citrix receiver and there is no mention  to issues pointing to a problem like i described.

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Mhh...to find out if it´s client based (thin client) problem or a problem of your citrix farm image/installation/server/profile I suggest:


- Install a fresh Windows 10 based VM on your host out of original MS sources without software or any other customizing

- Install in this VM a actual Virtual Desktop Agent connected to your normal Citrix Environment

- Permitt it to a test user (user without unnecessary policies, User Profile Management or anything else which is not really necessary) and try to connect with your thinclient


If the connection is fast as hell then your thinclient is not the problem...the problem must be somewhere in your image/Profile Mangement/Installation ...whatever. If it´s already slow then...your thinclient has a problem with your Citrix environment itself (e.g. we had with this clients some years ago big problems with certificates). I´m personally not a big fan of the HP Thinclients. 




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