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Change Default Error Message

Philipp Zenz

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Is it possible to change the default error message for a wrong login? (without advancedAAAmessages).

I just wana to change the message "try again or contact helpdesk or ..." if you log-in with a wrong credential.


all the how-to´s just modify the specified messages.


maybe someone got an idea




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To the best of my knowledge, unless you enable Enhanced Authentication Feedback (under AAA Settings), the only error you will receive is 'Incorrect user name or password'.


If you were to just modify that 'Incorrect user name or password' message to say something else (as detailed in the how-to you mentioned) every authentication error would return only that message to the users.





By default, when a user authenticates NetScaler/NetScaler Gateway and fails, the only message returned is 'Incorrect user name or password'. Whereas, the reason could be entirely different, for example a disabled account, expired password. This is why the Enhanced Authentication Feedback option could prove useful because they will give a more granular reason as to the failures.


Is there any reason that you do not want to enable the Enhanced Authentication feedback?

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On 8/8/2019 at 6:03 PM, Jim Grimm1709160134 said:

Is there any reason that you do not want to enable the Enhanced Authentication feedback?






As far as I know, Enhanced Authentication Feedback must not be enabled continuously, as it exposes too much information in the aaad.debug and syslog.

It might also display too much information at the front end that malicious users might abuse.

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Hi Jim, (Sorry i Didnt saw that i didnt submit my answer.... )


thanks for your reply.


For security reasons we we´ll not enable the Enhanced Authentication Feedback.

We just want to change the default text into something different then "helpdesk". We dont use that wording for our customers.


The problem is, i couldnt find the config file to change "Incorrect user name or password" or try again or contact helpdesk or .." into somehing else.

I know the link you´ve posted but theres just the todo for the custom / enhanced ones.


Maybe someone got an idea.









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