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Legacy tools on Hypervisor 8.0

Stephen Borrill



The release notes for 8.0 say:




We have removed support for the following guest templates:[...]

Legacy Windows


With the removal of the Legacy Windows template, we are also removing the legacy Windows drivers from the Citrix VM Tools ISO.

You can continue to use existing VMs with these operating systems. However, Citrix no longer supports these VMs.



However, any VMs which have the legacy tools installed will BSOD or just power off as they boot, so you cannot continue to use existing VMs. Even supported OSes with older tools (e.g. 6.2 tools) will BSOD. We have some very legacy software we need to run on an XP VM and this will no longer run. A fresh XP installation works with no tools, but installing the legacy tools from 7.6 is sufficient to kill the VM. Given the wording of the release notes, I suspect this is not intentional.

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Nice. I did some testing with 8.0, but decided to stay 7.1 LTSR. Glad I did.  I think I have all of my older than

2008/Windows 7 VM's upgraded now, but three months ago I was still running some. I have a couple of NT 4.0 

server too believe it or not ! The run on Oracle VirtualBox.




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