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cross site scripting - Can this vulnerability be addressed without using app firewall

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Acunetix has highlighted cross site scripting vulnerability on our MPXs which are being used as ICA Proxy gateways.

MPX version -

Solution suggested by Acunetix - Apply context-dependent encoding and/or validation to user input rendered on a page


I want to avoid using web app firewall. 

Any suggestion or pointers would be helpful.




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Not exactly this vulnerability but a 3rd Party auditor has highlighted cross site scripting vulnerability.


But I figured out a way  - Use X-XSS-Protection header with a rewrite policy.

Reference article -  https://www.langhq.com/2018/07/step-up-your-http-security-header-game.html


Once I inserted this as a response header, the scan results didn't show XSS vulnerability.

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