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Best Practices for Installing / Using Visual Studio 2019 + SQL Server Management In Citrix

Mark Grzeszczak


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Are there any concerns you have in particular with running either of these in a Citrix environment?


I'm not aware of any best practices regarding running either of these applications in a Citrix environment, but for Visual Studio in particular I think it would be important to ensure the VMs it will be accessed from have adequate resources to support the users who will be running the software (although I suppose that goes for any software being installed).


Regarding Installing Visual Studio 2019 in a Citrix environment, as long as you meet the system requirements (and are running it within your licensing terms) you should have no issues. 


SQL Server Management Studio will run fine in a Citrix environment.


In the past, I worked in an environment where access to Visual Studio was provided to users remotely via dedicated desktops in a datacenter via Citrix Desktop Broker.  That was in the Presentation Server days.  The technology has greatly improved since then.

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Thank you for your reply.  Our installation was on Windows 2016 server with shared sessions. My concern is that initially we ran into problems when we implemented it.  The installation became corrupt several times and we needed to un-install and re-install it.  (I suspect it might have had something to do with the add-on's being added by individuals after the initial install.)  We are also discovering that we need more servers to support simultaneous users.  We also have reports of long initial load times of profiles for desktop sessions (up to 40 min. to bring up the session.)  We will be piloting for some of our key users (DBA's / Performance team members) dedicated Windows 10 desktops via Citrix.

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