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Error while booting virtual desktops

John Francis1709160537


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13 hours ago, James Kindon said:

looks like you have PXE configurations running via SCCM on the network you are trying to boot from.


I suggest moving away from PXE in PVS and use BDM or Boot ISO




Hi James,


Thanks for the response. Could it be due to non-availability of DHCP addresses also? As, we do not use SCCM. We have other desktops that boot from the production environment and they are fine. I am thinking it could be due to DHCP scope that has just 15 IPs available and all are full. I will have to expand the range which I have not tried. As, I have to ask the network guy to also open up the range. 


But, it should not have any effect if I move the vdisk and create the virtual desktops from the template which was in test environment, right?


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On 8/8/2019 at 7:45 AM, James Kindon said:

You are getting an IP and WDS is responding.... Your dhcp scopes may have different scope options set, but you are definitely getting a WDS response and not PVS 


Hi James,


Thanks for the response. I think the issue was the PVS images were not on both the PVS servers, so when I booted it went to the server where the image was not there. That is why it was having a problem. But, now after copying it started working fine. Unfortunately,  I have hit with another issue (one after the other), where it is rebooting in a loop looking for updates or what am not sure. 



Stage 2 of 2.JPG

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