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LLDP on Hardware Citrix Hypervisor release 8.0.0 (xenenterprise)

Ibrahim Tinastepe


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lldpad is built into Hypervisor already (at least on 8.0 and later, not checked on anything earlier).


Enable reception of LLDP on eth0:

# lldptool -L -i eth0 adminStatus=rx
adminStatus = rx

View neighbour switch once reception has been enabled on an interface:

# lldptool -t -n -i eth0
Chassis ID TLV
        MAC: ec:e1:a9:aa:bb:cc
        Local: Eth101/1/36
Time to Live TLV
Port Description TLV
System Name TLV
System Description TLV
        Cisco Nexus Operating System (NX-OS) Software


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