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Hoang Hung

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Dear all

I have question, please help me. 

I dont knowt: what different betweent " current client connection ;  ssl trasaction/sec ; max client. " 

If in service or service group  i not config limit max client >> defaut client ===??? 

How about check current user connection on Citrix ADC 5905.  ?


Thanks all 


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Hi Mihai. 

Thanks you so much. But I have a problem. 

If current client connection > Max client >>> Did virtua server down ?

Because I read document max client I see " When the load balanced server reaches its limit, monitor probes are skipped, and the server is not used for load balancing until it has finished processing existing connections and frees up capacity. "


Thanks all

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To add to Mihai's answer that he gave you, the service or service group max clients' property (aka max connections) overrides the global HTTP parameter for max connections.  Or you can set the value in a profile.


Without the limit, connections to backend server aren't limited. Value can be  set (per service/service group or via profile preferred over global), so that you can tune the number of connections the NS allows to be created on the backend destination so that you can tune for your backend server load.  Example: if your backend server maxes out at 250 connections, set the max limit on the service slightly lower than that.  Limit is then used a threshold on the service; once it maxes out, the service is not used for load balancing until it returns below max threshold.


The service reaches max connections and is out of service until below threshold. The lb vserver is only down if all destinations aka services (or members of service group) are down or at max threshold.


You do not have to set the max connections limit unless you want your ADC to avoid overrunning the backend services.


Max requests are a separate threshold that can be set, which as noted in one of these responses, limits the number objects/requests that can be outstanding on a connection at a time. Normally you don't need to set this as if it is too low you can create performance issues.  


One way to mitigate the chance that you over run a give backend server is to just load balance across more servers.  Otherwise, if you are concerned that the ADC could receive an excessive surge of traffic compared to the number of servers you are load balancing you can tune this value to honor the limits of the backend server and keep the thresholds below this limit.


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Thanks Rhoda Rowland.

Rep, I undersand. But I have a problem, please help me 

My customer request to me " config max client . If current client connection > Max client then some body ( > Max client) forward to notificate page HTML. 

So I need config responder. How about config responder or Appexpert relate to connection client ? 


Thanks guy

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