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Application foreground problems for xenapp vda 1906 on server 2019

Tiffany Rogers


I have moved all our apps to my new 2019 xenapp servers except for one.  I only have the problem with the one application.  I can open the app while RDP'd to the server, and click one certain drop down and it flickers the screen, but will open the drop down.  The drop down is flickering, but it's functional.  If I have another window open in the background and then click on this same drop down, the window from the background comes to the foreground.  If I open this same app on the same server through an ICA session (receiver or web doesn't matter), the drop down just flickers and will not give the user a chance to click any of the menu items.  It just jumps around on the screen without giving the actual drop down.  It seems to me that the foreground issue on the server while running the app through an rdp session is the cause of the problem.  I can't figure out if this is an server 2019 issue, or a vda issue.  I've read a lot of different articles and using the FbLockTimeout, but that made no difference.  I've looked at dpi settings, but that didn't help either.  It happens to all users, so it's not a profile issue.  Has anyone seen anything similar, and have an idea of how to fix it?  I contact the application manufacturer, and they pretty much told me I was crazy and they've never seen anything like it, which is not surprising at all.  I have this app running on xenapp 7.15 server 2008r2 with no problems at all.

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