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Domain cannot be contacted error when adding PVS machine to Machine Catalog in Citrix Cloud Studio

Daniel Lopez1709157833


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Is  PVS on-prem?  I noticed the following in the PVS 7.15 release notes that may be of interest here:




Unable to create a machine catalog with an on-premises PVS server. This occurs when you try to create a PVS machine catalog from Studio when a PVS machine (from the on-premises PVS server) does not have an AD account associated with it.


To resolve the issue, when creating a PVS machine catalog using Citrix Cloud Studio and DDC:

  • Connect to an on-premises PVS server.
  • Select a PVS collection.
  • Import the machines from that collection into a XenDesktop machine catalog.  Note: The PVS machines must have AD accounts associated with them.


This blog post might also be of interest, as it gives a good overview of the steps required to integrate an on-prem PVS instance with a Citrix VAD Cloud solution.




If I am on the wrong path regarding your issue, please feel free to correct and clarify and I (or someone) ) will respond. 


Also, your attachment isn't showing (at least I can't see it).

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Take a look at the following discussion from about a year ago:




Below is the answer marked as correct by the OP (swendla483).  Seemingly similar situation, same error message as what you have posted in your screenshot.



Not sure what it is in your case, but this specific instance turned out to be a computer that needed its AD password reset. It seems the error reporting surrounding LDAP calls is particularly bad, so anytime something unusual happens with a call, it for the most part will return that the domain doesn't exist or can't be contacted, which is a categorically false response. LDAP error reporting desperately need enhancement. Having no ability to review the controller logs being with Citrix Cloud and having such poor and inaccurate errors returned makes it extremely difficult to troubleshoot, so I wish you luck!


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