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SSPR / error if password do not match password policy / after login again

Philipp Zenz

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I´ve setup SSPR @ our Netscaler.

Works fine but I´ve got 2 troubles i couldnt fix.


1) I´ve i hit "Reset Password" and enter a password that do not match our password policy, I just got the message "an unexpected state has occurred in the citrix gateway. Details are available from the administrator".  (screenshot in german)
If I enter a correct passwort that matches the polcy it works fine.

Anyone got an idea how i could change the text into an better one?


2) If I changed the password with the SSPR and I hit after the reset "logon" (I stay at the authentication host and do not browse agagin to the main url) I get the message "after logging in for the destination url the forwarding was not found". If I browse to the main url and sign-in again its fine.

ns.log shows -> AAATM LOGIN: TASS cookie absent, declaring failure"



Maybe someone got an idea how i could fix that








Anmerkung 2019-08-06 070513.png

Anmerkung 2019-08-06 070752.png

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