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MCS with SCVMM 2016: failed to create vm, VLAN ID issues





I am trying to create machine groups in an MCS deployment where the master image and target VM are in different VLANs. 

Hypervisor is Hyper-V on Windows Server 2019, with SCVMM 2016 (all patches till end of July 2019).


In Studio, when creating new machines, I specify a different VM network when prompted for VM networks associated with each NIC.


However, VM creation fails and I get the following error message:

Failed to create vm XXX, The VLAN ID '1234' is not valid because the VM network 'My_New_VM_Network' does not include the VLAN ID in a network site accessible by the host.

'1234' above is the VLAN ID from the master image, while 'My_New_VM_Network' is the target VM network 


I don't understand this as obviously, VLAN ID 1234 is indeed not part of My_New_VM_Network, which is the target network. I don't get it why it would expect the VLAN ID from the master image to be in the target network.


All hosts in the cluster are equal and receive all VLANs...


Any idea?






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Good morning,


Please see the following discussion: https://discussions.citrix.com/topic/390165-machine-catalog-creation-fails-different-vlans/



I don't think it would be possible. As long as machine is connected to network, it will stay associated with a VLAN ID. So all we can do here is, keeping the master image in the same VLAN in which we needs to create machines.


If you do not want to move machine to another VLAN, you can clone the machine and run sysprep. Join the machine to domain and use that to create new catalog.


-Harsaranjeet Kaur


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If your Master Image Network is not added in hosting connection, your catalog creation  is definitely going to fail,


You can add the Master Image network in hosting connection

create machine catalog

change the VLAN's of VM's in SCVMM ( using powershell script may be)


You dont need your target network added in hosting connection.



Sachin Ubale


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