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I am building new win10 1806 image and I would be deploying the new image with PVS. Some of modules, training document I reviewed recommends creating write cache on Master VM directly and creating template with write cache and just remove the OS disk during template creation. This is what I followed on lab.


When I reviewed citrix online elearning, it shows write cache being automatically created with Xendesktop creation wizard based on that information I would assume that there is not need to attach cache drive from hypervisor at it assigns to each VM from available datastore when wizard builds VMs suffixed with new number and builds account in AD, creates VM on hypervisor (Xensever) and assigns the specified amount of cache to each VMs

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Here's what I do normally:


After successfully creating a vDisk with the PVSImage Wizard on the master, I normally detach the "physical" OS disk from the master VM. After that I create a template from the master VM, which will be used for Target device creation.


Then create target Devices with Citrix virtual Desktops wizard on PVS Server. Within this wizard, you will be asked to choose your VM Template and also which size of Cache disk you want to be used by the targets. 




Hope this helps.


Regards, Cedy

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I applied these steps -

I detached HDD from MasterVM

made a copy of masterVM

attached another 15 GB drive on master VM for writecahe

initialized the drive on master OS and assigned drive letter D 

shut down master VM

Made a copy of vdisk

move vdisk  to a host with windows hyperV role 

optimized vdisk with powershell

copied and brought it back from hypervisor

booted master VM

checked it successfuly booted with vdisk

shut down and converted to template 

and ran xendesktop wizard

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Is this working for you like this?


It seems like a littl too much steps for me, and also too complicated. 


Master VM does not need a write cache disk, becuase with the master VM you always boot a vDisk either in private or maintenance mode. You only need Write cache disk for Targets which are booting in productive mode. 


And you don't have to create the cache disk on your own. As mentioned above, the write cache disk will automatically be created through XenDesktop Wizard when creating Target VMS. 


Just make sure you have a clean Master VM (No ISO attached, floppy not attached, no disk attached and so on), before you create the template from the master VM.


Regards, Cedy

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Xendesktop wizard will automatically create cache disk is mentioned most of elearning like citrix, pluralsight but the issue is selecting correct datastore. During wizard it does not give me option to chose datastore and picks up datastore based on original VM deployment. In my case I usually use local store for VM deployment and unmount drive after I create master image and boot with vdisk, as there is hardly a need for that even if there is a need it does not need to be available for all host.


The benefit of mapping and initializing from hypervisor is I get to chose iSCSI SAN central store for cache, so it is available for all VMs regardless of host they reside on

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