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Office of different versions with regards to layering best practice

Sandy Williams


I'm using AppLayering and PVS and installing Office 2016 and a few 2013 apps like Project and Visio.  What is the best practice so that I do not have issues with activation to a KMS server (because I'm currently having problems with it saying my trial has expired)


What is the best practice, to put Office 2016 and 2013 on the same layer or different layers? They will end up on the same image.




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You cant put them in separate layers on the same machine unless you package them knowing about each other and do all the activation flag files.  I would always recommend you put them together in the same layer becasue its easier.  Office apps share licensing files so that need to be accounted for and its easiest to do with them together.


You can create project and visio first , then use that layer as a prerequisite layer to create your office layer but you will need to copy the backup of  tokens.data and data.dat from the winlicense folder in program files \unidesk to the default spp folder if you do that .  Which is why i recommend not doing it that way because its too complicated.

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It depends on whether you are licensed to give everyone office and visio.  If you are, then install them in the same layer, install the 2013 apps first, then the 2016.  If you only want some people to have access to project and visio I would recommend using xenapp for them and they can be in their own layer together.

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Thanks Rob, we're only using XenApp so shouldn't be a concern there.  Do you know if there's a known issue with putting them in separate layers?  My thought is the file that gets created when following the steps for telling it to use KMS would conflict with each other as I'm technically running it twice with having 2 layers.  When I say 'file' I am referring to this:


(https://www.carlstalhood.com/category/citrix-app-layering/) and search for..

Go to C:\Windows\Setup\Scripts, right-click RunOptimizer.cmd, and click Run as administrator.


It says "Activate MS Office via KMS" ..."It is not recommended to install more than one version of the same application on the same desktop".    I assume this means Office 2016 standard and professional on the same image but not clear about different versions of office on the same image.


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There is a log file in c:\windows\setup\scripts called ActivateOffice.log that should show you the results of the scripted activation.  Normally the issue we see when it doesn't work is a notice saying "Configuring Office" which really means reinstalling it.  That usually happens when the prep script wasn't run when creating the layer so that we don't have copies of the licensing files to put on the VDA.


I assume though that you followed the recipe so not sure what is happening there can be lots of things going on with KMS.



If you end the end cant figure it out put in a support ticket to get help on it.

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Actually I did put in a support ticket last week and I don't want to sound negative towards the support but they have no idea about this subject matter. They were telling me to change the service Software Protection from Automatic/Triggered or Delayed start to just Automatic and when I asked about putting 2013 on separate layers I got a wishy washy answer of ..well you can try that and see how it goes.  This is why I added this post.


I have another question Rob, I have re-done my layer with 2013 and 2016 on the same layer and have followed the recipe and have re-armed my install.  I ONLY did the rearm from the c:\program files\Microsoft office\office16\osppream.exe  which I imagine re-arms my 2016 version but I couldn't find this file under the office15 folder for the 2013 install. Will the one running of the rearm handle both versions?

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