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customized CS policy for an action ... Now I need to create 4 policies.

Abhijit Das

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Now I am needing to create multiple policies for the same pattern. I am unable to form one action and will need some assistance here.


Basically, there are 4 endpoints. 

And, there are 3 URLs /<first value>


login should be if (host=1 and (URL = 1 or URL = 2 or URL 3)) OR  (host=1 and (URL = 1 or URL = 2 or URL 3)) OR .... so on.


This doesnt work for me I tried below.


(((HTTP.REQ.HOSTNAME.EQ(\"host1\") || (HTTP.REQ.HOSTNAME.EQ(\"host2\")) && ((HTTP.REQ.URL.PATH.GET(1).EQ(\"a\") || HTTP.REQ.URL.PATH.GET(1).EQ(\"b\") || HTTP.REQ.URL.PATH.GET(1).EQ(\"c\")))


I am sure I am doing something wrong here.


Right now my current individual policy is  (HTTP.REQ.URL.PATH.GET(1).EQ(\"a\") || HTTP.REQ.URL.PATH.GET(1).EQ(\"b\") || HTTP.REQ.URL.PATH.GET(1).EQ(\"c\") ... and I need to create 4 of them to attach to 4 of those end points.



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