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Issue opening multiple files with published app

Tim Mektrakarn


I have published Adobe Acrobat XI Pro and set the file association in the app properties.  In my Workspace session I have added Acrobat to my favorites and am able to open files on my local profile in the published app.  The issue is if Acrobat is open and double click on a file on my desktop I get "file not found" error.  If I close Acrobat and double click on the file, Acrobat launches and opens the file.  At first I thought this was an Acrobat issue so I published Notepad and experience the same issue.


Has anyone experienced this?  I am able to open the files if I browse within the app to the \\client\<drive share>.  I am running Virtual Apps 1903

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Hey everyone.  I was the original poster but was logged in with a different account.  So I have done further testing and here is what I have found.  File content redirection only works when initially launching the published app.  When I right click a file, go to Open With, and select the published app, the launching application window pops up and the file is then opened in the published app.  If I do the same process on another file it will fail stating the file cannot be found.  I then close the published app and wait a few minutes. After a few minutes I am able to open the file using the published app.


Essentially the only time the file opens is if the launching application popup is displayed.

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