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powershell create a dedicated machine list of each catalog

Wim Guijt


It's my intention to create a dedicated machine.txt file off each Catalog

Add-PSSnapin Citrix*
$file = "c:\tmp\allCatolog.txt"
get-brokerCatalog -adminaddress dcd002.domain.com |select -ExpandProperty name |out-file $file
$Catalog = Get-Content $file
Foreach ($_ in Get-ChildItem $File)
Get-BrokerDesktop -adminaddress dcd002.domain.com -Filter{CatalogName -eq $_ } | Select-Object -Property HostedMachineName

I receive no error, but also no result.

When I replace the $_ with a catalog name, it works.
How can I solve this?

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Try something like this:

Add-PSSnapin Citrix*

$file = "c:\tmp\allCatalogs.txt"

$catalogs = Get-BrokerCatalog -adminaddress dcd002.domain.com

$catalogs |select -ExpandProperty name |out-file $file

Foreach ($catalog in $catalogs) {

  Get-BrokerDesktop -adminaddress dcd002.domain.com -CatalogName $catalog.name | Select-Object -Property HostedMachineName | out-file "c:\tmp\${$catalog.name}.txt"



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