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Procedure to restore Citrix ADC MPX 8005 after RMA

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Hi all,


I am going to be be performing a like for like replacement of the 8005 ADC which failed on us. However all guides I see are off the devices in a HA pair.

This 8005 is a standalone device (for reasons unknown) and I have a copy of a full back up via the ADM.


Can I simply upload an restore the backup or do I have to follow a procedure



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Make sure your new appliance is licensed first.


You should be able to go to System > Backup, click Backup/Import, select your file, and then restore it.


Or you can extract the backup, upload /nsconfig/ssl/certs to the new appliance, upload /nsconfig/ns.conf, and reboot (without saving, which overwrites ns.conf).

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