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we are trying to get Request Token for Session Service and Start a Citrix Session using Citrix APIs.
API URL: https://www.example.com/Citrix/Authentication/auth/v1/token

for-service: A string identifying the service for which the requested token is targeted.

for-service-url: A string representing the URL of the service, from the client’s perspective, for which the token is being requested

reqtokentemplate: The required template for the claims in the token. This may be empty.

need more reference about request body data parameters listed below:
1. "for-service", 
2. "for-service-url",
3. "reqtokentemplate"

I'm referring the following docs for getting auth token: https://developer-docs.citrix.com/projects/storefront-authentication-sdk/en/latest/security-token-services-api/#request-token

and  after getting auth token, I'll use "token" in Citrix StorfrontServices API to
1. List Sessions: /sessions/v1/available
2. Start a Session : /sessions/v1/{session-id}/launch/ica

can anybody provide me the appropriate path to achieve this and explain Citrix Auth Request Body Parameters  "for-service", "for-service- url ", " reqtokentemplate "

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