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RemotePC - Mouse Cursor not showing

Ross Faverty1709158252


VDA 7.15.3 (RemotePC)
Workspace  App 1907

Windows 10 Build 1809



Issue is only happening on a single user's machine. We have tried from multiple machines with multiple versions of Receiver/Workspace App. This issue does not happen to other users who are using Citrix RemotePC to their machines so its specific to this users machine. The VDA has been installed 3 times (using the VDACleanupUtility to uninstall) with & without HDX 3D Pro.


The mouse cursor just doesn't show up at all. You can click and drag etc... and the actions work fine but you just cant see the cursor. Toggling full screen on/off makes no difference.  When you RDP to the machine the mouse cursor shows up just fine. Any help greatly appreciated. 

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