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VPX network setup - Vmware Cluster and distributed switch

Marc Thrall

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How do you go about setting up the VPX to work with a vsphere distributed switch?  I cant seem to find any guide only anywhere, all the guides refer to a single esx host and binding VPX directly to a physical network port.


This vpx is purely for load balancing internal traffic so is it just a case of adding a new interface for each vlan you have servers on and binding that vlan to the interface?  If so how do you deal with the 10 interface limit if your distributed switch has more than 10 vlans on it?

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yeah I dont really understand that.  I was under the impression you were supposed to add each vlan to the netscaler, and put a SNIP on each vlan. 


So say we have 6 vlans that contain servers and will be added some servers from each of those vlans to the netscaler do I need to add the vlans and SNIPs or is there another way?

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The only VLANs you truly need connected are the VIP VLANs and the Mgmt VLAN.


Otherwise, ADC looks in its routing table for the next hop to the server and selects a SNIP on the same subnet as the next hop. You can add static routes if your default route doesn't route to the servers.

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