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WEM Single Large Configuration Set vs Multiple Smaller Configuration Sets


Hi All, 


I am setting up WEM for the first time in a site with 14 different PVS images (Silos) running on 150 servers for about 3000 users. 

All images are 2016 and running on same hardware for the time being.

A couple of Silos have an extra local drive F: else all of them have a D: drive for PVS cache, Page file, and logs. 

In term of publication, only one Silo will be used for hosted desktop and hosted apps, all other silos are 100% hosted apps.


Each silo has a fairly large number of mapped drives and IE favorites links. 

They all share the same UPM and Software Restrictions settings. 


I am tempted to try to configure a single large Configuration Set to start with but I am not sure if this is a good idea in term of management / WEM processing time at user logon....


Would truly appreciate your views on this so that I can stir this in the right direction from the beginning.  


Thanks in advance for your help.


PS.: I have another question posted on this thread... 

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