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Citrix CU Upgrade- Roll Out VDA First?


Hi all,


Looking to do a 7.15 LTSR (release) upgrade soon to 7.15 CU4 and was wondering has anyone ever rolled out VDAs first before upgrading the other infrastructure? 


We are a few team members down at the moment and looking for some safe ways to shorten the upgrade time if possible. Ideally we would be looking to roll out CU4 VDA's and let them work with the older version DC's, SF's, DB etc for a few days and then we would perform the rest of the infrastructure upgrades over one night to bring everything in line.


I am aware the controllers, storefronts, DB etc can be upgraded and we can leave the VDA's on a older version which will work just without the later features......so curious about the other way around. I personally can't think of a reason why this can't be done especially with a small jump in versions but as Google didn't really bring any results back I am not sure if there is a reason for that. 


Any help/advice is appreciated!

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Thanks for the reply and clarification Carl. We have followed the linked flow diagram in the past but I have never done a upgrade that is spread out before, we used to do everything including all VDA's over 1 night (old habit from a old colleague) so never found out if there were any incompatibility at any stage if parts were left un-upgraded so to speak. 



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