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Creating AD account via Powershell



I created an Identity pool with PowerShell (another domain) , and I am trying to create computer accounts in this pool , but I want to use a different account to create those computer accounts with  New-AcctADAccount but it is failing : New-AcctADAccount -IdentityPoolName 'test1' -Count 1 -ADUserName 'domain\user1' -ADPassword $password  , I know that the ADUserName and ADPAssword parameters are only used in cloud deployment

MY Question is : is there a way to use those parameters on an on-premise deployment , because I really need to force the use of that account to create those ad account in my powershell script


thanks in advance

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If you want to use alternative credentials you can use invoke-command in powershell.


Using your example you could run:


Invoke-Command -Credential domain\user1 -scriptblock { New-AcctADAccount -IdentityPoolName 'test1' -Count 1}


You will get a prompt to enter the password for the "User1" account. If you want to run it without a prompt, create a PSCredential object containing the username and password and provide the PSCredential object for the -Credential parameter.





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