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Extreme delay waiting for Citrix Profile Management even with profile management disabled

Terry Rebstein


I am seeing a long delay for logons for a single user even though profile management is disabled. We are using WEM to configure profile management and deleting the local ini had no effect. It appears it is getting the correct setting as no managed profile is configured, it just takes a really long time. This log shows one user who is quick, followed by the problematic user. Any help is appreciated. We need to know why the 61s delay when no profile management is occuring.


2019-07-30;14:32:53.090;INFORMATION;;;2;6068;DispatchLogonLogoff: ---------- Starting logon processing...

2019-07-30;14:32:53.090;INFORMATION;;;2;6068;ImpersonateClientStart: Successfully impersonated a client.

2019-07-30;14:32:53.090;INFORMATION;;;2;6068;ImpersonateClientStop: Successfully stopped client impersonation.

2019-07-30;14:32:53.090;INFORMATION;;;2;6068;DispatchLogonLogoff: UserSID = S-1-5-SIDSIDSID

2019-07-30;14:33:02.576;INFORMATION;;;2;6068;ImpersonateClientStart: Successfully impersonated a client.

2019-07-30;14:33:02.576;INFORMATION;;;2;6068;CheckUserExistsInGroup: No Entries Found In ExcludedGroups

2019-07-30;14:33:02.576;INFORMATION;;;2;6068;CheckIfUserNeedsToBeProcessed: User is member of the local group administrators and per configuration administrators are not to be processed.

2019-07-30;14:33:02.576;INFORMATION;;;2;6068;CheckIfUserNeedsToBeProcessed: Logon/logoff will not be processed.

2019-07-30;14:33:02.576;INFORMATION;;;2;6068;DispatchLogonLogoff: Ignoring event because UPM is disabled by policy.

2019-07-30;14:33:02.576;INFORMATION;;;2;6068;ImpersonateClientStop: Successfully stopped client impersonation.

2019-07-30;14:33:02.576;INFORMATION;;;2;6068;DispatchLogonLogoff: ---------- Finished logon processing successfully in :<9.50>.

2019-07-30;14:37:02.712;INFORMATION;;;3;836;DispatchLogonLogoff: ---------- Starting logon processing...

2019-07-30;14:37:02.712;INFORMATION;;;3;836;ImpersonateClientStart: Successfully impersonated a client.

2019-07-30;14:37:02.712;INFORMATION;;;3;836;ImpersonateClientStop: Successfully stopped client impersonation.

2019-07-30;14:37:02.712;INFORMATION;;;3;836;DispatchLogonLogoff: UserSID = S-1-5-SIDSIDSID

2019-07-30;14:38:04.214;INFORMATION;;;3;836;ImpersonateClientStart: Successfully impersonated a client.

2019-07-30;14:38:04.214;INFORMATION;;;3;836;CheckUserExistsInGroup: No Entries Found In ExcludedGroups

2019-07-30;14:38:04.214;INFORMATION;;;3;836;CheckIfUserNeedsToBeProcessed: User is member of the local group administrators and per configuration administrators are not to be processed.

2019-07-30;14:38:04.214;INFORMATION;;;3;836;CheckIfUserNeedsToBeProcessed: Logon/logoff will not be processed.

2019-07-30;14:38:04.214;INFORMATION;;;3;836;DispatchLogonLogoff: Ignoring event because UPM is disabled by policy.

2019-07-30;14:38:04.214;INFORMATION;;;3;836;ImpersonateClientStop: Successfully stopped client impersonation.

2019-07-30;14:38:04.214;INFORMATION;;;3;836;DispatchLogonLogoff: ---------- Finished logon processing successfully in : <61.64>.


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