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Citrix Workspace resets my local system display options

Shawn Keene


Every time I use Citrix Workspace to use remote apps published by my company, my local PC's display options get changed so that dragging windows around or resizing them only shows the dotted outline.  I don't really like that, so I have to constantly open up SystemPropertiesPerformance.exe and change the setting back.  Oddly the Citrix modification doesn't seem to be performed correctly or completely, because the system options dialog seems to show that "show window contents while dragging" is already on.  But disabling/re-enabling it and applying the setting fixes the issue (until I use Citrix again the next time).


I'd love to make this stop happening in the first place.


I can't imagine why it does this.  Sure it would make sense to turn off dragging on the remote system to save bandwidth. But why change the behavior of my local programs running on my own PC?

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we have the same Problem.
Is there any Solution? This is really annoying.
Still happens with CWA 2205.
As soon as a Seamless App is started the local Display Settings on my Client are changed and Window Content while dragging is not displayed anymore, even if i move a local Window!
The local Display Settings show no Change but need to reapply the same settings to get Window Content back.

No Citrix Policy is configured to disable Show Window Content while dragging.
Seamless Apps come from a Server 2016, no Graphic Settings configured (all settings default).


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