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Workspace Discovery Not Working through Netscaler

Peter Storey

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We are finding that workspace discovery is not working externally through the Netscaler. It works fine internally and also we find that if we download the discovery file via a web browser and run it on an external client then Workspace is provisioned and works fine. Looking at the Workspace logs, it is not finding the store address as it should.


I have triple checked the beacons and can confirm the internal beacon is not accessible externally. Also the accounts URL (/Citrix/Roaming/accounts) is accessible externally when first logging in via a web browser and I was able to pull down this file and it looks to be valid.


Really unsure what the problem is. Relevant logs below....


[2019-07-30 11:35:01:959] [18500] [v7interfaces.cpp:23] In CSDKAutoDManager::ARConfigureCR
[2019-07-30 11:35:01:959] [18500] [genericworkqueue.cpp:1747]  CGenericWorkQueue::QueueWorkItem wake up the dequeue thread as we have an item in the queue
[2019-07-30 11:35:01:959] [22220] [genericworkqueue.cpp:1498] DequeueThread: waiting on event
[2019-07-30 11:35:01:959] [22220] [genericworkqueue.cpp:1500] DequeueThread: Got reset event
[2019-07-30 11:35:01:959] [22220] [genericworkqueue.cpp:1514] DequeueThread:  active Workitem is not null
[2019-07-30 11:35:01:959] [22220] [genericworkqueue.cpp:1520] DequeueThread:  active Workitem creating the new thread
[2019-07-30 11:35:01:959] [1840] [genericworkqueue.cpp:985] CGenericWorkQueue::ARConfigureCRProcessing: URL based configuration started .. storefront.REDACTED.DOMAIN
[2019-07-30 11:35:01:960] [1840] [configurationprovider.cpp:994] ConfigurationProvider::getConfigForURL :: START storefront.REDACTED.DOMAIN
[2019-07-30 11:35:01:960] [1840] [configurationprovider.cpp:895] ConfigurationProvider::ValidateCertificate: START
[2019-07-30 11:35:01:960] [1840] [winsslvalidation.cpp:74] WinSSLValidation::PerformValidation(), initialized ConnectionManager.
[2019-07-30 11:35:02:84] [1840] [winsslvalidation.cpp:82] WinSSLValidation::PerformValidation(), got server Cert context: 04AADF88
[2019-07-30 11:35:02:114] [1840] [winsslvalidation.cpp:556] Revocation is not configured for certificate.
[2019-07-30 11:35:02:114] [1840] [winsslvalidation.cpp:96] calling GetCertDisplayDetails.
[2019-07-30 11:35:02:114] [1840] [winsslvalidation.cpp:829] GetCertificateStringDetail: Can't get cert string. Requested display type: 3
[2019-07-30 11:35:02:114] [1840] [winsslvalidation.cpp:98] returned from GetCertDisplayDetails.
[2019-07-30 11:35:02:114] [1840] [winsslvalidation.cpp:106] WinSSLValidation::PerformValidation(): setting org and root before return.
[2019-07-30 11:35:02:119] [1840] [windowsipc.cpp:171] CWindowsIPC::Connect CreateFile, GetLastError() returns 0
[2019-07-30 11:35:02:119] [1840] [clientcallback.cpp:79] Connected to client callback. Calling...
[2019-07-30 11:35:02:120] [1840] [configurationprovider.cpp:1139] ConfigurationProvider::IsAccoutServiceURL: Account url is succeed: url is: https://storefront.REDACTED.DOMAIN/Citrix/Roaming/Accounts
[2019-07-30 11:35:02:120] [1840] [configurationprovider.cpp:235] ConfigurationProvider::getActualURL:: START
[2019-07-30 11:35:02:129] [1840] [findwindowhandle.cpp:17] Process32FirstW() successful
[2019-07-30 11:35:02:322] [1840] [configurationprovider.cpp:1142] ConfigurationProvider::IsAccoutServiceURL: Actual url:  and retVal false
[2019-07-30 11:35:02:322] [1840] [winhttpclient.cpp:66] SendHttpRequest: url=https://storefront.REDACTED.DOMAIN/Citrix/Store/discovery
[2019-07-30 11:35:02:328] [1840] [winhttpclient.cpp:72] created request: 04A2C068
[2019-07-30 11:35:02:331] [18104] [v8interfaces.cpp:115] In CSDKV8Handler::ARGetConnectedVpnGateway
[2019-07-30 11:35:02:331] [18104] [v8interfaces.cpp:136] VPN is not installed.
[2019-07-30 11:35:02:349] [15612] [v6interfaces.cpp:124] CSDKLocationAwareness::GetNetworkLocationForStore, storeAddr https://storefront.REDACTED.DOMAIN/Citrix/Store/discovery
[2019-07-30 11:35:02:349] [15612] [srprovider.cpp:521] SRProvider::GetStoreFromURL full store address not found, looking for scheme-host-port, shpAddress is storefront.REDACTED.DOMAIN
[2019-07-30 11:35:02:349] [15612] [networklocation.cpp:320] Store can't be found. Returning default LAN location.
[2019-07-30 11:35:02:349] [15612] [networklocation.cpp:323] Location for url https://storefront.REDACTED.DOMAIN/Citrix/Store/discovery is INSIDE
[2019-07-30 11:35:02:349] [15612] [v6interfaces.cpp:130] CSDKLocationAwareness::GetNetworkLocationForStore, network state:1
[2019-07-30 11:35:02:382] [19376] [v8interfaces.cpp:115] In CSDKV8Handler::ARGetConnectedVpnGateway
[2019-07-30 11:35:02:382] [19376] [v8interfaces.cpp:136] VPN is not installed.
[2019-07-30 11:35:02:483] [1840] [winhttpclient.cpp:102]     response: status=404
[2019-07-30 11:35:02:487] [1840] [configurationprovider.cpp:947] ConfigurationProvider::getConfigForLegacyProvider : not reachable for :  https://storefront.REDACTED.DOMAIN
[2019-07-30 11:35:02:487] [1840] [winhttpclient.cpp:66] SendHttpRequest: url=https://storefront.REDACTED.DOMAIN/Citrix/PNAgent/Config.xml
[2019-07-30 11:35:02:498] [1840] [winhttpclient.cpp:72] created request: 04A2BF58
[2019-07-30 11:35:02:503] [10012] [v8interfaces.cpp:115] In CSDKV8Handler::ARGetConnectedVpnGateway
[2019-07-30 11:35:02:503] [10012] [v8interfaces.cpp:136] VPN is not installed.
[2019-07-30 11:35:02:515] [3212] [v6interfaces.cpp:124] CSDKLocationAwareness::GetNetworkLocationForStore, storeAddr https://storefront.REDACTED.DOMAIN/Citrix/PNAgent/Config.xml
[2019-07-30 11:35:02:515] [3212] [srprovider.cpp:521] SRProvider::GetStoreFromURL full store address not found, looking for scheme-host-port, shpAddress is storefront.REDACTED.DOMAIN
[2019-07-30 11:35:02:515] [3212] [networklocation.cpp:320] Store can't be found. Returning default LAN location.
[2019-07-30 11:35:02:515] [3212] [networklocation.cpp:323] Location for url https://storefront.REDACTED.DOMAIN/Citrix/PNAgent/Config.xml is INSIDE
[2019-07-30 11:35:02:515] [3212] [v6interfaces.cpp:130] CSDKLocationAwareness::GetNetworkLocationForStore, network state:1
[2019-07-30 11:35:02:548] [22940] [v8interfaces.cpp:115] In CSDKV8Handler::ARGetConnectedVpnGateway
[2019-07-30 11:35:02:548] [22940] [v8interfaces.cpp:136] VPN is not installed.
[2019-07-30 11:35:02:592] [1840] [winhttpclient.cpp:102]     response: status=302
[2019-07-30 11:35:02:596] [1840] [configurationprovider.cpp:947] ConfigurationProvider::getConfigForLegacyProvider : not reachable for :  https://storefront.REDACTED.DOMAIN
[2019-07-30 11:35:02:596] [1840] [genericworkqueue.cpp:1003] CGenericWorkQueue::ARConfigureCRProcessing:    retVal=9
[2019-07-30 11:35:02:596] [1840] [windowsipc.cpp:171] CWindowsIPC::Connect CreateFile, GetLastError() returns 0
[2019-07-30 11:35:02:596] [1840] [clientcallback.cpp:79] Connected to client callback. Calling...





Time: Tue Jul 30 10:35:02 2019 UTC
LocalTime: Tue Jul 30 11:35:02 2019
Type: Warning
Module: Citrix Authentication Manager
Location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Citrix\ICA Client\AuthManager\AuthManSvr.exe
Version: (Release)
Platform: Windows 10.0.9200 64-bit  SP Version: 0.0 SuiteMask: 256 ProductType: 1 IE: 11.885.17134.0
Description: Unexpected protocol was received from the server.
Exception type: Protocol exception
Detail: The gateway responded with an unexpected HTTP status: 301. This may indicate gateway version or gateway configuration does not support the discovery service.
    CAuthManImpl::RetrieveGatewayDiscoveryImpl gatewayInfo='LogonPointUrl='https://storefront.REDACTED.DOMAIN/', Edition=Enterprise (2), AuthenticationType=Domain (2)'

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21 hours ago, Carl Stalhood1709151912 said:

Does your Gateway have a Session Policy with Account Services address defined?

Yes it does, it is currently set to the base URL of the load balanced Storefront.


Also, I am not testing from a VDA.



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Share your actual session policy details as there might be a misconfigured field in the setup, also are you using policies you built or the gateway wizard built? If so, check both the web browser (WB) and OS session profiles.

Published Apps tab:  WI address (storefront store), Account Services Address, and on Client Experience the home page settings if set.


Also on the store settings, do you have both the default web site specified, the default services path, and the legacy /citrix/pnagent/config.xml path set to the appropriate store or not set at all.


The gateway is denying direct access to the storefront address as you are not in vpn mode.  

So, the users still need the "discovery" to go through/be proxied by the gateway.  Verify the storefront's gateway integration is properly defined as well.

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