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How do I get an Internet Shareer?


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Citrix Netscaler VPX was deployed within AWS.
Access via VPN from outside.
I can't communicate with the Internet Sharing Device Manager page at home.
The IP band is 192.168.x.x.
It does not communicate with other VPNs, or with printers connected to Internet sharing devices.
How do I set it up?

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On 2019. 7. 31. at 5:08 PM, Siddhartha Sarmah said:

See if Method2 from this Article helps https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX126953 


As a result, the Split Tunnel value was changed to REVERSE. The original value was NO.
And I set up the Intranet application and connected it through Plugin.
Intranet Site No pages are opened.
What should I do?

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With split Tunnel ON, the only traffic sent to gateway is what you configure in intranet application, make sure there is no conflict i.e. the local lan subnet is not also a part of intranet applications, if you verify it and its still not working, please open a support case as the plugin level debug logs has to be analyzed to understand what's going on

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