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vDisk NIC removal/ recreation





I have a vDisk which was built on Hyper-V, Generation 2 VM. Then I converted the master to a template and tried to create targets. They did not boot using the NIC which was created by SCVMM. So then I added a new NIC to the vDisk using this process https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX216823 ans removed the initial NIC. Everything seems to be fine afterwards, I created manually a lot of targets. But after a while the users reported unusual disconnections or freezing (possibly this is related to Session Reliability). The thing is, I started to believe that these issues have something to do with this new NIC. There are no ghost NICs in the vDisk. I am wondering if it is possible to remove the NIC completely (reset completely the network part just is case there are some leftovers from the first NIC) and re-add the NIC again? I don't know if this would impact XA or PVS negatively considering these are already installed and don't want to/cannot start from scratch.


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Hey Brad, it is unlikely that requested action would achieve a change in behavior.

Usually if there is a problem with the network card it will be occur during boot.

You can rule out PVS as the source if the VMs are never unresponsive at the VM console, ie only ICA sessions are ever affected..


In saying that, if you really wanted to try your action, you would reverse image, so not provisioned, uninstall pvs target device software, remove all nics from the VM configuration, delete all ghost nics, then manually add the nic using guide you mentioned and then install pvs device software and capture a new vdisk. This would just leave your vdisk in the same state it was in previously.


A better course of action might be to ensure running recommended versions of software XA/PVS 7.15 CU4 or CVAD/PVS 1906, and then open a support case if issue remains. CDF traces should give good insight into what is occurring if ICA sessions are disconnecting and freezing.


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