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When will the Citrix Gateway Service (in the Citrix Cloud) be able to differentiate between internal and external traffic in Citrix Workspace?


Currently the Citrix Gateway Service (in the Citrix Cloud) cannot differentiate between internal traffic and external traffic in Citrix Workspace (hairpin traffic routing).  Organizations need this functionality and the ability to attach different authentication methods depending on if it is internal or external traffic.  Example: internal traffic requires AD authentication, external traffic requires AD Authentication + some sort of 2FA (even TOTP would work).  This functionality needs to be native in within the Citrix Gateway Service (in the Citrix Cloud) with no on-premise NetScaler (Citrix ADC), and no on-premise Storefront requirements.


Are there any plans to do this?


This was also referenced in the following web article.


"A Look At The Upcoming Citrix Identity Platform Improvements In Citrix Cloud - Nicolas Ignoto, CTP". 2019. Citrix Guru - Nicolas Ignoto, CTP. Accessed July 29 2019. https://www.citrixguru.com/2019/06/26/citrix-identity-platform-2019/.

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