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Citrix Netscaler connector for Exchange ActiveSync (XNC)

David Pisa1709155307


Hi All,


quick one.

Can I create static rule on XNC to allow non-EM devices (Outlook on Windows devices)?

From documentation, I should be able to create static rules based on:


  • DeviceType. The connector can determine if a device is an iPhone, iPad, or other device type and can permit or block based on that criteria. As with other values, the connector configuration utility can reveal all connected device types being processed for the ActiveSync connection.
  • UserAgent. Contains information on the ActiveSync client that is used. In most cases, the value specified corresponds to a specific operating system build and version for the mobile device platform.


Or is it better just use "EM with Endpoint Management connector" directly?




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Yes, you can create Static Rules to allow or disallow access based on Device Type or User Agent. You may first need to attempt connection to see the Deny log to see exactly what the value should be. If you only have a certain number of these I would recommend setting rules by ActiveSync ID or User name so as to limit the access better. Also note that Outlook or other mail apps are using EWS rather than ActiveSync, so the setup you have for your phones may not work the same with Outlook on desktops unless you also allow EWS access externally.



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