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Blacklist not working




my enivironment, Windows Server 2016 XA 7.15 LTSR CU4, 2 x WEM Broker 1811.0.1.1 in LB. Server OS VDA W2K16, CU4.

Process Management enabled, edit Blacklist (powershell.exe, powershell_ise.exe), Logon to session, Agent run, but

I'm able to run powershell and ise. If I configure Whitelist, all programs will blocked whitch I configured.

Log File show me that the Blacklist will processed "True".

In the past in WEM 4.7 Blacklist works fine. What could it be?


Thanks for any help!!


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The same in 1906.0.1.1 nothing to do with NLB...


I see in Norskale Eventlog that a specified regkey does not exist. If I open HKCU\Software\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer


DisallowRun Reg_DWORD is 1. But the needed Regkey \DisallowRun under \Explorer seems to be hidden, because I'M unable to add or rename to it,

to specifiy to applications just like powershell.exe..


...I'm the only one who use Blacklist in WEM ???

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In WEM 2012.1.0.1 we're having lots of issues with Process mgmt blacklisting. We blacklisted Teams and whene ver we added a user to the exception group, they couldnt launch Teams. Went to the point of disabling process mgmt all together and new users still cannot launch Teams. Major headache as we're about to rollout Teams across our XenApp's and it just wont launch and logging is the usual where theres not much of anything that will help you get an idea of whats going on.

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