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What actually does Citrix Workspace installer install?

Tyler Cheung


I have to install Citrix to be able to use my Mac with work.   Unfortunately, the installer asks me a root password and wants to install a "helper app" presumably w/ special permissions.  


I'm gun-shy as on my windows work box, it installed this "cast" app which led to a lot of incompatibility issues.  


On modern systems, too, I am wary about apps asking for root access and that refuse to play well w/ OS level sandboxing.  


My question is:  what is the exact list of files that Citrix Workspace for Mac installer actually installs on the machine, and where?  I cannot find a list of installed files, or a files manifest, on Citrix knowledgebase anywhere, or at least easily findable. 


I do not want a repeat of the Zoom fiasco with their hidden web server malware....

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