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Can citrix ingress controller be used without Citrix ADC just as other Nginix ingress / HAProxy ingress to serve other backends

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Hi All,

Can we use critix ingress controller as normal ingress controller like Nginix to load balance TCP and UDP

Does this has dependency on something . I mean I don't have any netscaler.

I just want to use this as a normal TCP/UDP ingress controller to serve in my kubernetes cluster 


I have seen document which says

Citrix provides an ingress controller for Citrix ADC MPX (hardware), Citrix ADC VPX (virtualized), and Citrix ADC CPX (containerized) for bare metal and cloud deployments

Citrix Ingress Controller runs as a pod in Kubernetes cluster and configures the NetScaler VPX/MPX and load balances GuestBook App.


But just curious to know if this can be used as normal ingress controller without any dependency on anything




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Based on the support matrix for Citrix Ingress Controller, I don't think that it can be used with anything other than a supported Citrix ADC platform.





This topic provides details about various Kubernetes platforms, deployment topologies, features, and CNIs supported in Cloud-Native deployments that include Citrix ADC and Citrix ingress controller.





You can deploy Citrix ingress controller in the following deployment modes:


As a standalone pod. This mode is used when managing ADCs such as, Citrix ADC MPX or VPX that are outside the Kubernetes cluster.

As a sidecar in a pod along with the Citrix ADC CPX in the same pod. The controller is only responsible for the Citrix ADC CPX that resides in the same pod.


This Kubernetes document seems to also elude to the fact that the Citrix Ingress Controller is only for Citrix ADC deployments:





Citrix provides an Ingress Controller for its hardware (MPX), virtualized (VPX) and free containerized (CPX) ADC for baremetal and cloud deployments.


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I am looking for answers to below questions , My requirements are unique as i am working on implementing Hyper ledger Block chain (DBC)

1)  How to implement Citrix ingress controller in AWS EKS

2)  How to do SSL pass through at the ingress controller

3)  does the Citrix ingress controller support HTTP/2 for GRPC and GRPCS.

4)  Is it possible to implement CPX with out ADC? Looks like not based on the documentation, if any knows how pls provide some guidance.




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