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XS 7.1 CU2 - Dell R640 - LACP Problems - Network change takes a long time



i have the following Design:

XenServer 7.1 CU 2

Dell R640 - 2xOnboard 10G Nic and 2xPCI 10 G Nic

I make a LACP Trunk between one Onboard Nic and one PCI Nic.


Now i test my LACP configuration. When i remove one network cable i don't have a connection to the XS for 10 seconds.

I have check the spanning tree and the lacp status of the switch. But it looks good.


I have the same design with 10 XS 7.1 CU2 (upgrades from 7.0) on Dell R630.

There i don't have any problems.


So i don't think it is a switch problem.


Have anyone an idea?


Thank YOU!

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Hey Tobias,


i found some new driver for my network cards.



When i try to install it i got an error:

[root@wbpxenXX ~]# xe update-apply uuid=00680af4-1efd-47e1-aa51-c7ab18dd005e
The update precheck stage failed: the server is of an incorrect version.
update: driver-broadcom-bnxt-en
installed_version: kernel-uname-r = 4.4.0+2
required_version : kernel-uname-r = 4.4.0+10
[root@wbpxenXX ~]#


I think the Kernerl 4.4.0+10 where XS 7.6 but i have XS 7.1 CU2. In the Citrix articel stands XS 7.1 CU2.

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LACP across different vendor/types of cards I don't like doing. It can cause some weird inconsistencies like this.

Any chance you can do LACP with like nics ? Or maybe just back down to active/passive ? Short of drivers/firmware

being the miracle fix I think backing off LACP is what you will have to do.




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For the "wrong" update i make a call by citrix and get this result.


We may need to delete any cache entries present in /var/cache/yum/ to proceed further.

Please try installing the driver after deleting the cache entries and let us know the status.

After this i can install the driver. So i will test it again.


@Alan it is the same vendor and the same type of the card.

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