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Radius authentication on gateway set up - receiver users aren't being prompted for authentication after inital setup

James Gant

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So I have RADIUS set up for primary authentication on my Netscaler and that all works fine, no secondary ldap etc and my ADC is 12.1 51.19


We have an issue where the Windows Receiver users aren't being prompted for the challenge code or push notification after their initial first setup on their machine.  They go into the receiver the next day, try to start an app and nothing happens it just tells them the app isnt available.  I confirmed using the authentication logs on the Netscaler that the local client did not try to authenticate with it at all.  

If you remove the account from the receiver and re-add then it will work fine (albeit it failing the first attempt to launch an app and working on the 2nd try). 


I have Storefront set for Domain+security token authentication on the Netscaler tab, do I need to change this to just security token or do something else to force authentication for the app each time the app starts or do I have to have LDAP authentication also on the NEtscaler to force the reciver to look for that every restart?








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